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Handy Aroma Diffuser
Handy Aroma DiffuserHandy Aroma DiffuserHandy Aroma DiffuserHandy Aroma DiffuserHandy Aroma DiffuserHandy Aroma Diffuser

4 drops. 

10 feets. 

4 hours.

Add 4 drops of essential oils in the Handy Aroma, the natural aroma scent will come out immediately. It can cover an area with a diameter of 10 feet, and last for 4 hours. 

What is it ?

Handy Aroma Diffuser is a compact, pocket-sized aroma diffuser. Drived with external batteries so that you can easily take it on-the-go and enjoy your favourite aroma anytime, everywhere. 


1. Super portable. No water needed and Wireless. 

2. Excellent diffusion effect, coverage almost 989 cu ft , full of the room with aroma in 2 min. 

3. Noiseless, with the creative centrifugal diffusion technology, let essential oil diffuse quickly with noiseless. 

4. BPA free & 8 hours auto-off, safe for health and safety of you and family. 

5. Use with the Portable Pouch. 

6. Comes with portable lanyard.

Safety and shelf life

Safety and Usage

Please follow these instructions strickly

The handy aroma is powered by 2 AAA batteries.
It Is An Essential Oil Diffuser, You Need To Add Essential Oils ( we recommend 100% Pure Essential Oisl)
It Is Recommended To Add The Essential Oils Every 3-4 Hours For Better aromatherapy Effects.  
If Need To Change The Aroma , Please Use A New Fresher Instead. 
the red light will flash If The Battery Is Low. 
Don't Use Alone With Children.  
Keep it away from water and fire and heating area. 
When an external force prevents the motor from rotating for 5s time, the handy aroma Diffuser will shut down automatically. 

Portable Aroma Diffuser

* 2.4*2.4*1.2 inch, palm size.

Super portable

Pocket-sized & Lightweight


Centrifugal diffusion


Individual Aroma Space

Getting Started

We've put a step-by-step video guide to help you get started with the Handy Aroma diffuser.


The Sample Set Essential Oils

DIY & Enjoy Aroma



*Try our 100% pure essential oil sets.

Inspire Me

when I need to clear my brain fog and ignite my energy.


Peppermint / Eucalyptus Essential Oils

Sunshine Smile

sprinkle sunshine and joy into my life


Sweet Orange / Bergamot / Neroli Essential oils

Tranquil Mind

just sit back, listen to the music or read a book, let my mind immersed in the peace


Lavender / Neroli / Patchouli Essential oils

Go Outdoors

clean, comfortable, safe !


Lemongrass / Tea Tree / Eucalyptus Essential oils

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