Handy Aroma Diffuser
Handy Aroma DiffuserHandy Aroma DiffuserHandy Aroma DiffuserHandy Aroma DiffuserHandy Aroma Diffuser

Ultra-Compact | Fuzz Free | Stylish Design

Palm-size designer diffuser that fits in your pocket. With no use of water, heat or chemicals, HandyAroma™ diffuses the essential oils using centrifugal diffusion technology, helps maintain the natural profile and therapeutic benefits of the oils.


Size: 2.4*2.4*1.2 inch 

Weight: 2.96 oz / 84 g 

Working Time: Up to 100 hours with 2 AAA batteries 

Working Sound: < 22db 

Indicator: Green-open / Red-close 

Coverage Area: <989 cu ft 


1. The HandyAroma™ is powered by 2 AAA batteries.
2. The red light will flash if the battery is low. 
3. Don't use alone with children.  
4. Keep it away from water and fire and heating area. 
5. When an external force prevents the motor from rotating for 5s time, the HandyAroma™ Diffuser will shut down automatically. 

Getting Started

We've put a step-by-step video guide to help you get started with the HandyAroma™.


Ultra-Compact And Quiet

HandyAroma™ is a compact diffuser for you to carry anywhere on-the-go. The application of the centrifugal diffusion method minimizes diffusing noise, where it would be perfect for bedside, desktop and office use.

Fuzz-Free Portable Diffuser

This little gadget is called Handy for a reason. No water or wired-cable sources are required. Diffusing essential oils naturally without heat or water, it allows you to breath-in the most natural profile of desired scents.

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