FRAVITA Night Light
FRAVITA Night LightFRAVITA Night LightFRAVITA Night LightFRAVITA Night LightFRAVITA Night Light

Have Fra'vita Nightlight lit up your sleepiness, or unplug it to tote around. Either way, it works to produce the smoothest warm light. This nightlight turns on and off with a simple flip, and as simple as a touch of a finger, you choose the light tone and brightness. You would also love the smooth BPA-free soft silicone finish, so soft, you would almost fall asleep touching it.

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Size: 3.3 x 2.1 inches 

Weight: 4.2oz 

Power: 1W 

Input: 5V== 800mA 

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh 

Charging Time: 1.5H 

Working Time: 2.5H-100H 

Lumi EOUS flux: 35lm at 4500K - 7lm at 2700K


1. Do not disassemble, repair or modify this product without authorization.
2. The nightlight MUST be used with the equipped charing cable. 
3. Keep the nightlight away from water and fire and heating area.
4. Suggest charging the Nightlight every 2-month to ensure noremal use.
5. Don't use it alone with children.

For more cautions & usages please refer to the user manual. 

Getting Started

We've put a step-by-step video guide to help you get started with Fra'vita Nightlight.


The Right Kind of Light

Warm natural lights can ease your tension and make you feel extra relaxed while you're in bed with a book, and nightlights that grow brighter as the sun rises are great for waking heavy sleepers. FRA'VITA Nightlight offers a range of color temperatures - from natural warm-red light to cool white light, perfect lighting for the bedroom scenario.

Super Convenient and Comfortable

FRA'VITA Nightlight has no button. We designed the product to be convenient for anyone to use, brightness and color temperature are adjustable by one-press, and switched on/off by flip turning the light. The light enclosure made with BPA-free soft silicone, and likely this is the softest lighting-companion you've ever touched.

True Wireless and Energy Saving

The built-in 1000 mAh battery frees you from the outlet, and the light can operate on the brightest mode for2.5 hours and 100 hours on dimmest mode.

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